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Store Guidelines

Are Appointments Required?  


Appointments are preferred but not required. We will always accept walk-ins, but we can’t guarantee a consultant and dressing room, especially during Prom Season. We recommend making an appointment to guarantee the best, one-on-one experience with us.



How Long are Appointments?  


We don’t put a time limit on appointments as every shopper is different!



Will You Store My Dress There?  


We offer FREE layaway so your dress and/or any other items purchased can stay at our store!

What If I Want to Take my Dress Home?  


We have a great inventory that almost everything is able to be bought off the rack! Anything being taken out of the store must be paid for in full before it leaves.



Do You Accept Credit Cards?  


We accept all credit cards except for American Express. We also take cash or checks.

Do You Offer Alterations?

We do not offer in house alterations at this time, but we work closely with multiple local seamstresses we are happy to set you up with.


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