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We’re a team of bridal consultants trained to help you throughout the planning and ordering process. Tell us your dreams and we can offer you choices of colors fabrics and styles for any occasion. 

Alyssa Urban



Teresa Kellenberger started this business from the ground up. Teresa’s Bridal and Prom has grown into an extraordinary bridal and prom boutique reaching customers from all over the Midwest. Alyssa is so proud to be able to continue on with this business, while always remembering where it started.


I have lived in Fenton, IA since I was 2 years old. I grew up loving the small town ideals and sense of community, but I always felt like there was something more out there. I was a small town girl with big city dreams, but no idea what to do with them. When I went off to college at the University of South Dakota I was so unsure with what I wanted to do next. What was my next step? This was until Teresa and Joel presented me with the idea of buying this business. I had never felt more at home, more sure, than any other moment in my life. I graduated with my business degree in May of 2019 and took over as the new owner in July 2019. I had found my big city dream.


I started working part time for Teresa in 2015 and I immediately fell in love with this industry. I loved the customer service aspect where I was always meeting new people and building relationships with them. Going to work never meant just going to work, it meant I was going to help someone find their dream dress, or meant that I was going to work with a family who I would eventually get on a first name basis with. Working here was always more than just my part time job. 


I continue to find new pieces of the bridal and fashion industry that inspire me and remind why I love what I do. I am so proud to carry on Teresa’s Bridal and Prom after 40 years.

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